1. Little Tongue

    Some pictures just don’t need captions.

  2. Joe Blow

    That’s one badass motherfucker if he’s went a few rounds in the sack with that she-beast.

  3. Small wonder the guy’s always wearing sunglasses. He probably has permanent black eyes from her being on top.

  4. Sabado Gigante

    Man. dog looks a little rough there. And so does the bounty hunter.

  5. These are famous people in America. Let that soak in during the commercial break.

  6. Cock Dr

    That’s a big double helping of all American entertainment talent.
    Let other nations pursue cures for cancer, manned spaceflight to Mars and international diplomacy leading to last world peace. Here in America we just wanna watch big titty rednecks of either gender fight, blow up stuff & copulate.

    • Does “either gender” refer to big titty rednecks or those fighting, blowing stuff up, and copulating. Cuz fightin and blowin up stuff is OK, but I ain’t watching dudes fuck unless they have big titties.

  7. Inner Retard

    This is what happens when God creates life based on caricatures instead of the actual blueprints of the human body.

  8. If the melanoma doesn’t get him first, she’s going to turn over suddenly one night.

  9. Skippy86

    Looking at this pic all I can think of is Eric Cartmans description of sex. “You smack their titties around and pee in their vagina”

  10. I think this photo was used for the dermatology board exams this year.

  11. Icehawg

    “Islands in the stream” – The nightmare version.

  12. her boobs are bigger than her head…gross

  13. “Okay, enough of the smiling and giggling photos. This time on three everybody look sad and confused. One, two…”

  14. Darwin

    Shit, I was wrong!

  15. Jentilly

    Honey boo boo in about 40 yrs

  16. glam

    I can’t help but wonder if it’s just a shadow on the top of her left boob, of if in fact, we are staring full on seeing the top of her areola.

  17. Jenn

    If she coughed or sneezed people could’ve died in the resulting boobalanche.

  18. South Park has the most accurate cartoon version of her.

  19. Omigosh, everybody! Look! It’s Dogs Chapman! That IS the name of their band, isn’t it?

  20. It’s always sad when fat women don’t know that there’s a difference between large breasts and fat ones.

  21. Dan

    Since when did Barry Gibb become a bounty hunter?

  22. Didn’t know you could GET an indian burn motorboating, but I guess it makes sense….?

  23. Anna Nicole Smith

  24. Pepper's Pot

    holy mother of… wtf is that??

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