1. B&WMinstrel

    So you’re just drawing the pictures yourself now, Photo Boy

  2. Rick


  3. Little Tongue

    That’s plastic, right?

  4. There are some seriously fucked up people in this world.

    • AnnaD.

      In 3 years

      • ScotlandThe Brave


      • Inky Black

        Click thumbs up, close stupid sign in prompt, scroll down…
        Click thumbs up on 1st reply, close stupid sign in prompt, scroll down…
        *sigh* Click thumbs up on 2nd reply, close stupid sign in prompt, loose will to live.

        If I’m ever at a party and I get introduced to somebody who says they designed The Superficial comment system, I may get violent.

  5. meeps!

    (Sp) A MAN Da Lepore, right…?

  6. TooCoo

    The best part, before leaving the house she looked in the mirror and thought, ” nailed it!”

  7. Joe Blow

    Jesus Christ… a little warning next time maybe?

  8. Dude doesn’t even look like a lady.

  9. Inner Retard

    This cannot be a real person!!!

  10. Gowns, or Clowns?

  11. Cock Dr

    This is what it takes to make some transgendered people feel pretty.

  12. JennywithaY

    She played an amazing ventriloquist’s dummy in Dinner for Schmucks.

  13. logan

    It’s going to save a butt load of money on embalming when its time comes.

  14. I see the thermostat at Madame Tussaud’s is on the fritz again.

  15. Dude, seriously, a mannequin this ugly would never leave the factory.

  16. cc

    People do this to themselves voluntarily?

  17. Jenn

    Jessica Rabbit’s crazy aunt, well…uncle.

  18. It’s good she used the clear bra straps, otherwise this outfit would have looked ridiculous.

  19. I really hope they make a wax figure of her, because you just know it will look more human than her.

  20. What in the F•U•C•K is that…???

  21. I’d say “kill it with fire”, but I’m pretty sure there would be a conflagration to rival a Great White concert.

  22. Inky Black


  23. I like it when you can’t tell if it’s the dress holding up the tits, or the other way around.

  24. What the fuck is that?

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