1. Boots

    What is the camera setting that makes your head bigger than everything from the boobs down?

  2. From the neck down .. OMFG!

  3. Inner Retard

    OK, how old is she? My pants need to know before… never mind.

  4. “I sucked a dick today!”

  5. HOTT body!!

  6. lawn

    Deadly or not, I’d do all seven sins with her, plus some that haven’t even been invented yet.

  7. cc

    How to torment a man…put a body like that in a dress that could be removed in 1/19th of second.

    She’s soooooooooo…ripe.

  8. This is the look Amanda Lepore was going for all along.

  9. celylj

    oh my god she wins.

  10. 21 going on 12

  11. I’m beginning to think Victoria’s Secret and Sports Illustrated have joined forces and opened up a secret lab where they create incredibly beautiful women!

  12. She’s fucking beautiful.

  13. Hey, PhotoBoy…TOUCHDOWN!!!

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