1. Little Tongue

    Hey, Kim! Since you haven’t been seen with Kanye in WEEKS, guess it’s pretty clear that you’re about to become a single mom… Wonder if Kris Humpries would take you back. Have you asked him, yet? You’re still married to him, right?

  2. TooCoo

    I call BS on pregnancy!! She should be showing by now!

  3. Joe Blow

    I feel so fucking sorry for that future fashion accessory she’s gonna have.

    On the bright side… with a Kardashian for a mother and Kanye West for a father… there’s nowhere for the kid to go but up.

  4. God, I hope she doesn’t fall on her calf during birth.

  5. Josephus

    Wow, black really IS slimming…

  6. AnnaD.

    This is not MOO anymore, it’s *whale noises*

  7. Not even Goodyear wants to put its name on that blimp.

  8. Jessica Simpson's Left Tit

    Anyone know if medical science has perfected the reverse abortion yet? You know, abort the Mom, keep the kid. Cuz we need one stat!

  9. jimmy

    And thats with Spanx (you can see the lines on her thighs)

  10. The Pope

    She is just as far along in her pregnancy as Kate Middleton. And I hope to God that somebody reminds her of that every single day.

  11. popwilleatitself

    Is it ok to wear spanx when you’re pregnant? Doesn’t that smash the baby? Why is she showing everywhere but her belly?

  12. Cock Dr


  13. Baby MOOOOOO inside

  14. ahah

    the manatee dress

  15. The paparazzi are going to have to start carrying wide angle lenses.

  16. cc

    Her being so close to the San Andreas fault counts as reckless endangerment, if you ask me.

  17. TheOneBender

    Only thing that weighs 140lbs on this beast is the cloth used to cover it……

  18. I’d love to get ahold of (or a look at) those humongous milk duds.

  19. Just fuck off, already. Seriously.

  20. her ass has become a chopper landing pad/.

  21. Pete

    Cannot decide whether to make a comment about the girth of her body or the girth of those gigantic duck lips…..

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