1. meeps!

    You rang…?

  2. Joe Blow

    “Oops, I just soiled my Depends.”

  3. Cock Dr

    Needs more botox in the forehead.

  4. I thought it was Madonna.


    age…its finally caught up.

  6. winter

    that papa movie will be botox from hell. What genius putted Minka Kelly and her in a same movie. Is Kim K also gonna be in it??

  7. i dont know man but im kinda into it

  8. Mike701

    Must be that time of the month….

  9. Jentilly

    All she needs is a fur coat made of puppies and she’s all set

  10. Lookin’ good, Sharon. I know you’ve put your all into your career and you have totally made your bones…or boners, as it were.

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