1. Mrs Robinson apparently needed glasses…

  2. meeps!

    “This is 6 inches, right…?”

  3. Joe Blow

    I’ve seen Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, and well…

  4. pavement_smear

    “Hey, paparazzi, don’t panic…I mean I’m only crushing your heads!”

  5. ThisWillHurt

    “I always love coming to Tokyo. It’s my home away from- hang on. Let me take care of this gnat.”

  6. The Pope

    “Tom Cruise.”

  7. Brit

    John Hamm and I were on the set together last month and really folks, it’s only this large.

  8. ScotlandThe Brave

    Hey Dustin, how much taller than Dinklage are you?

  9. Tootsie is crushing your head.

  10. I kid you not, it’s really only two inches!

  11. When I was circumcised the mohel only took this much…

  12. I got nuthin’.

  13. Its this big hard, but least its kosher.

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