1. Joe Blow

    Don’t worry, brah, we’ll send her down as soon as we finish wit’ her.”

  2. CrashHell

    When is Foxx going to accept his true career-establishing role of Sherriff Bart in the Blazing Saddles remake?

  3. LLBL

    “Yo, where da White Girls at?”

  4. It took me 5 minutes to even notice there were guys in this picture

  5. cc

    Who is the blonde? Looks like she’d be an athletic fuck.

  6. Jason

    Oh shit, is that Miley gettin high down there… Bitch ain’t got no pants on….

  7. gumbypokey

    is that A J Lee?

  8. That woman has a tight, sexy body.

  9. Fuck Jamie Foxx and his pals. This photo is all about that hot blonde.

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