1. What a true friend Leo is… Picking up formaldehyde for Jonah? no problem…

  2. “The best smell to keep fat assholes away from you, sir? Uh, well, I supposed I would recommend our new Roasted Vegetable Garden scent.”

  3. “so you say this will render supermodels unconscious?”

  4. “100% skunk juice? Hmmmm…maybe if I bathed in this it would keep Jonah’s lips off of my ass for an hour or two.”

  5. dontkillthemessenger

    I need something that will knock Jonah out long enough while I change my address, phone number, name, and get facial reconstruction surgery.

    Oh, this is the same one January Jones used on her son? I’ll take 3 bottles.

  6. “Spanish Fly? I thought they just called the stuff Leo now. Haha. Get it? Oh me…well, I’m off.”

  7. I wear women's shoes

    “Hmmm, maybe a movie where I play a drunk abusive father who accidentally kills a fat boy by running him over with my car one night will finally win me my Oscar….”

  8. Huh, only 80%. Not enough for a roofy…

  9. “Hrmm.. one bottle… for eighty people.. about 6000 Academy voters… Hmm? Oh, just browsing!”

  10. Fingergod

    “Hmmmmm, “Dr. Shatner’s Chest Hair Tonic and Over-Acting Enhancer”. I’ll take 30 bottles please.”

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