1. Ralph

    I usually don’t understand much of the plastic surgery being performed but in this case…Damn!

  2. joe

    The fuck is that thing in her bag? Largemouth bass?

  3. Her friends and relatives always buy her bags that could fit a human head, even one with as massive a chin as hers. She just never gets the hint.

  4. Fucking unfortunate.

  5. coljack

    “You say I have what it takes to be the next Sarah Jessica Parker? Why thank you – thank you so much!”

  6. JimBB

    She needs a bag for her head.

  7. “Oh, come on! You gotta admit this is cool! Just like a movie! The robot will emerge dramatically, do some damage, throw some screaming people, and just when all hope is lost, *Syndrome* will save the day! I’ll be a bigger hero than you ever were!”

  8. So that’s where the whole troll face thing got started.

  9. Gig

    Her chin wants to get in the car, but she’s unsure if she wants to follow.

  10. rican

    “No, no, not by the hair on my chinny chin chin!”

  11. MRF

    Why such a long face? Oh, wait … sorry.

  12. toopier

    The face on her purse is the most realistic face in the picture.
    She comes in 3rd behind the sturgeon in her tote bag.

  13. GIn&Tonic

    Cases like this are why god invented doggy-style

  14. She is like a live action Dick Tracy villain…Toe Face.

  15. You kids at home: Don’t brush your teeth with botox.

  16. Where's Dildo

    “Rumer” has it, she’s Jay Leno’s daughter

  17. I’m starting to think Leno had a hand in this one..

  18. Justbecause


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