1. tito

    apparently they’re serving cold sores as an appetizer.

  2. These were used to scrape Brad Pitt’s feces off of the pool deck? Nom nom nom nom

  3. You can taste the salmonella!

  4. His idea of edible doesn’t inspire confidence

  5. JimBB

    That’s the least disgusting thing that tongue has touched all day.

  6. ThisWillHurt

    “Call me old fashioned, but I love the taste of chicken before it’s cooked.”

  7. Diners, Drive-ins and Diabetes

  8. coljack

    Only the chosen may wield…Douche’s spatulae!

  9. I wouldn’t go to his restaurant, or his barber, or his clothing store.

  10. He’s just like Thor, only if Thor lived in America, had a meth problem, and loved shitty music.

  11. I still think that Guy Fieri and Paula Deen are the same person.

  12. Heywood Jablomie

    Someone harpoon this whale, stat.

  13. cc

    Has there ever been a celebrity chef (since the Galloping Gourmet) who hasn’t overextended himself?

  14. donkeylicks

    Whosoever holds this spatula, if he be worthy, shall be imbued with the appetite of Thor!

  15. This restaurant is going to be something really special if he’s too cheap to even spring for a dishwasher.

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