1. anonym

    She’s overdressed for the occasion.

  2. “My eyes are up here, your Majesty.”

  3. she spots a stick she’d like him to bring

  4. meeps!

    So THAT’S what that is supposed to look like…

  5. Dis how native pitch tent.

  6. joe

    Now, you show me yours.

  7. Kee Wee

    “… and when it’s erect it says ‘Haere atu kurÄ« uwha mata koma toku motu’ “

  8. coljack

    “Your majesty, we’d like to introduce you to the most revered member of the Maori community, Johngo Hammana.”

  9. JimBB

    “What a delightful native spear you have. Would you like to see my knickers?”

  10. Hugh G. Rection

    He has nicer tattoos than Lena Dunham

  11. “Oh, I see you have a package for me. A large package.”

  12. coljack

    “And basically, your majesty, that’s how you keep from exposing your loincloth to the paparazzi.”

  13. Note to self: if I ever run into her, remember that Kate always falls for the old “Traditional Maori Handshake” joke.

  14. “So.. Do I stick the dollar bills in your loin cloth out do you take a personal check?”

  15. “You Tarzan… Me impressed!”

  16. ThrewUpInMyMouth

    Kate Middleton smiles as she considers going for a “traditional Maori ride”.

    (Note the pissed off looks of the women already in line for the ride.)

  17. What jackass decided that as soon as you become royal, you have to wear those hideous fucking hats?

  18. cc

    Oh my goodness, it does say ‘Adidas’ now!

  19. coljack

    “Your majesty, if it wouldn’t be too much trouble, I wonder if you might have a word with George Lucas about the whole traitorous clone army being Maori. Also, Jar Jar Binks. Both things really don’t sit well with us.”

  20. Ilaria

    GOD SAVE THE DICK ehm ehm The Queen!

  21. “now those are some Crown Jewels”

  22. Ah, the Prime Minister has his official tatts fully out. On lesser occasions he wears assless chaps.

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