1. Kevolution

    Heading off to meet Jeremy Piven?

  2. “What do you mean, ‘Does the gas nozzle make me think of Fergie’?”

  3. Flock of Seagulls called….they would like their hair back.

  4. “Her penis. It’s bigger than mine. *sobs*”

  5. That’s the face and hair of a man that just got fucked in the ass by his wife.

  6. coljack

    “If you’re looking for Los Angeles’s hottest club, look no further than ‘Fleeerbeeurp,’ where hermaphroditic dancers sing sweet nothings in your ear while Danish dwarves spank you with herring.”

    “Josh, are you talking about your house?”

    “Teehee, yeah, you got me.”

  7. He’s obviously handling his new fatherhood very well…

  8. BeckyStyles

    More like Josh Du’isheveled

  9. Finally got away from coyote I see…

  10. Fergie’s idea of a noogie is rubbing her dick all over his head.

  11. “You kids wanna see a dead body?”

  12. gumbypokey

    How is it that he looks like a 19 year old at 41?

  13. Hey Not-Olyphant, how did the Li’l Rascals audition go?

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