1. timmy the dying boy

    . . . come tiptoe through the tulips. . .

  2. doogleberg

    I can’t stand this asshole…and yet his sexual conquests are staggering. It’s a strange world we live in.

  3. ravingmad

    They caught him mid-whinney.

  4. I’m going to keep reminding everyone of how much he looks like Rocky Dennis until everyone gets it

  5. c-h

    Russell Brand is actually an elaborate Sacha Baron Cohen put-on. c’mon, have YOU seen them photographed together?

  6. So that’s why he never smiles in photos. Looks like someone just farted in his mouth.

  7. Nooooo Ronaldinho, don’t go the MJ way!

  8. He’s one of the smartest quickest comics I’ve ever listened to. Somehow none of that ends up in his movies.

  9. Ismoss

    Thats his orgasm face and katy has to see it at least 4 times a day.

  10. cc

    Then I give a little fart like so, and the crumpet falls about laughing. *gay chortle*

  11. wrynoceros

    the ultimate manifestation of Katy Perry’s obsession with Weird Al during his “Eat It” stage

  12. fooey

    who is this mousy fellow in the members only jacket

  13. Deuce

    So this is what “super model” looks like in the UK ?

  14. Sober, shaved, and celibate. I’m not being witty I feel sorry for this guy. Banging Katy Perry isn’t worth the cost of his single life.

  15. whoa

    what the hell happened to katy perry’s tits?!

  16. The Critical Crassness

    The kids threw slime at him, which of course was redundant!

  17. Say what you want, his fingers smell like Katy Perry

  18. villenuv27

    They gave us The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and James Bond, but Captain Douchbag here sets the “Cool Shit that Came out of Britain Meter” back to zero.

  19. Turd Ferguson

    Kids shouldn’t have choices if they include this no talent ass-clown.

  20. mordantmouth

    Clearly there’s been a mix-up in wardrobe, Russell in an heroin induced haze told the dresser he was Justin Bieber!!

  21. They let him near kids now? That looks like a tiny whip attached to his pants…

  22. Foxxyaaisha23

    I thought Tiny Tim was dead

  23. fake fonk

    kids love weird al

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