1. DonDopey

    I guess Robert DeNero is one of the Defenders.

  2. Simole

    Who said you couldn’t make a suit out of a pair of curtains.

  3. This is how Tony Soprano would look in the 70′s.

  4. That’s…that’s just the worst thing I ever saw. But the suit helps.

  5. doogleberg

    I got one thing to say, Jim — Blues Brothers 2000.
    For that, go fuck yourself forever.

  6. Neat-o, that suit’s a moving Magic Eye picture. Look at it just right and you’ll see a guy with a much longer and much shittier career than his brother.

  7. Plus, only dbags leave the ring on the cigars. “hey look at what am I smoking!”

    • dbag

      Actually, I think that’s #78 on “The list of 100 reasons Jim Belushi is a Douchebag”. Number one, of course, is ‘Blues Brothers 2000′.

  8. God


  9. girlface

    I thought he was in a show on broadway right now. how could he possibly be in LA at the same time?

  10. Cock Dr

    I miss his brother. He was the funny one.

  11. This “Defenders”… is it about Fiorello La Guardia?

  12. Those vertical stripes are so slimming.

  13. shan

    Ugh, not even Johnny Cochran could find a defense for that suit.

  14. J.

    Or those supposed to be the ghosts from Pac-man on that tie, or just lots of unhappy sperms?

    I kind of feel the same way when I’m near Jim Belushi. It’s usually all the belching and farting.

  15. cc

    Herb, still driving the Cordoba?

  16. Somebody made “Salesman of the Month” at Kia…and spent their bonus on a fancy new suit!

  17. “The wrong brother died!”

    (obscure Dewey Cox reference)

  18. Turd Ferguson

    According to Jim…John Belushi is the better brother.

  19. mordantmouth

    Jim Belushi: Riding my brother’s shroud to stardom. Tonight. On Biography.

  20. Ticonderoga

    “You talkin ta me?”

  21. Foxxyaaisha23

    so nice to see Steven Segal out and about.

  22. fake fonk


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