1. doogleberg

    My camping advice applies here, too…if you leave it alone, it’ll leave you alone.

  2. Remember that Smashing Pumpkins video where the moon had an angry, crater-marked face? Yeah….

  3. viralan

    “See kids? A lifetime of bad decisions, and you could end up JUST LIKE ME!”

  4. Wth? A new Kardashian?

  5. Say What

    The power of Christ compels you!!

  6. If she’d done more of that, she wouldn’t be “teen mom”

  7. c-h

    you gotta get ‘em in the head, otherwise they’ll just keep comin’…

  8. Talk about internal conflict. Her body turned to leave but her tongue still wanted to go to Cinnabon.

  9. adolf hitler

    she looks like a garbage pail kid.

  10. Tyler Perry

    That’s not the mall, that looks like a Walgreens pharmacy.

  11. Mark R

    Amber Portwood, modeling her scrotum scale at the mall in Anderson, IN

  12. She must have figured out that Rutgers will pay good money for stupid looking people.

  13. noooooooo

    Unfortunately they didn’t trap it and send it off to the arctic, I’m disappointed in these photographers.

  14. Doeth thiz bag make me loog letadded?

  15. My mistake. I just assumed this was Mickey Rourke in “Sedated: The Dee Dee Ramone Story”.

  16. shan

    Now this is crap I could happily have missed.

  17. Undercover

    Annnnd she is about to crawl along the ceiling while spewing green puke. Lovely.

  18. cc

    “It’s God himself who commands you.”

  19. Bucky Barnes

    Wow, the faces of meth series just took an ugly turn…

  20. fooey

    Can someone refresh my memory? Did she have blue eyes in her mugshot?

  21. Ed

    That’s the face her poor retarded daughter will make when she figures out how dumb her parents are

  22. zimmerman

    Artie Lange has put on some weight.

  23. That’s no mudflap…

  24. The Critical Crassness

    Her mother was right when she told Amber, “If you keep making those faces at people, your face will get permanently stuck like that!” Apparently she wouldn’t stop sticking her tongue out.

  25. Still not as trashy as Britney Spears

  26. Elle

    I Imagine this is the face that got here where she is today

  27. mordantmouth

    Annnnd here’s Amber showing of the good judgment & fine comedic timing that has brought her to this point in her life & made her the paragon of womanhood and role model that she is. Keep ‘em coming, Amber.

  28. always double tap

  29. conceptress

    Something’s trying to climb OUT…

  30. The kids with Down Syndrome must get offended when people assume she has it.

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