1. Satan's bitch

    “Oooooo, check that sweet arse.”

  2. doogleberg

    Why is Jude Law always so pissed off? I would like input (especially from Deacon Jones).

  3. Did a fat chick just bend over in front of him?

  4. c-h

    he just realized he got to bang the hot redhead from Dracula! WIN!

  5. Jude Law: “I’m puckered and ready. Bring me a producer’s ass. ANY producer. I want to be in a real movie again.”

  6. Tyler Perry


  7. Mark R

    Tattoos showing with that sweater? The balls on this guy.

  8. DiddyK

    “Maybe if I just keep whistling they won’t notice the sweater… “

  9. One kiss with Renee Zelweger back in 2003 and Jude still suffers from occasional spontaneous Sour-Face.

  10. Undercover

    Wait. He is still alive? For realsies?

  11. cc

    Listen this is from my wardrobe from Alfie II, okay?

  12. Ed

    “Should I bang my British nanny, or my Brazilian maid? Hmm, decisions, decisions”

  13. Mel Gibson's Shrink

    My husband thinks this guy is all sorts of attractive. Should I be worried or does he, like George Clooney, not count? Personally, he doesn’t do a thing for me. And neither does G.C. I guess I am unconventional.

  14. Deuce

    Judging from this sweater, he just landed the role of Bert in the live action version of Sesame Street.

  15. The Critical Crassness

    Jude Law has fucked Sienna Miller… much more of joke do you need than that?

  16. “And this is the face I use for small ones.”

  17. mordantmouth

    Jude just realizes he took the male escort’s shirt from the hotel by mistake this morning.

  18. Rachel

    He looks like Powered Toast Man.. “Cling tenaciously to my buttocks!!”

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