1. Drew

    Is it cool to be jealous of an infant?

  2. Cock Dr

    Work those milk duds.

  3. Somebody pluck that caterpillar.

  4. It had to be said

    Golly. She’s CUTE!

  5. I’m getting Suri vibes from her

  6. What Christina Ricci would look like had she been cute.

  7. Deacon Jones

    “Bathwater” material

  8. baron of all media

    She looks amazing! But she’d look even better chained to my radiator.

  9. Undercover

    Her head looks too small for her body.

  10. TomFrank

    Good Christ.

    In other news…you know you misspelled “Tribeca” in every post, right?

  11. Yeah you know, sometimes I don’t get men.

    It bothers me because I am one.

  12. minx

    fuck this.
    this is not even fair.

  13. Mark R

    Makes me want to slap my wife

  14. crap

    three matching dimples

  15. Captain Slappy

    Ahhhh….I see SkyNet has sucked you people in again with epic fake-human “cute” propaganda……you will pay for it…..SOON ENOUGH.

  16. Catch-22. If I leave my screen scrolled up too far, I see her face. If I scroll down too far, it looks like Al Pacino is about to be crushed by two epic, creamy, fleshy orbs. What’s a pervert to do?

  17. hot mom

    Its all fun and games until someone gets milk squirted in their eye. ..

  18. Turd Ferguson

    Nothing witty to report – SHE’S HOT.

  19. browny

    she’s cute but we’ve seen her preggers and she’s given too many details about the birth… fantasy has left the room.

  20. The Critical Crassness

    Her pictures would be so much better, if they didn’t make me visualize Vince Vaughn in a scene from “Wedding Crashes” talking about “motorboating”!

  21. cc

    I love her.

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