1. Matty

    So what, she has a KFC fetish he’s trying to leverage to get sex now?

  2. Cock Dr

    Team David!
    The man’s carrying candy & wears pink suede shoes. That’s cool.
    Screw that ice bitch next to him.

  3. Orville Reddenbacher lives!

  4. Ok…but if I have to go to this easter thing just to get sex, I’m gonna dress like a douchebag and punch you in the stomach.

  5. It had to be said

    The problem with patterned scarves is that they never seem to really match seersucker . . . no wait. Seersucker? Jesus, dude. Just . . . Jesus.

  6. The Bargoyle

    Hey!! Leon Redbone!!! Play something man!!

  7. UnholyKrep

    One of Suerat’s lesser known works:

    Sunday Afternoon with Douchebag.

  8. J.

    He really wonders why she won’t have sex with him? Really?

  9. Hipster doofus

  10. How is this going to get him back inside that vagina?

  11. baron of all media

    I can hear Coutney’s vagina self-mutilating.

  12. Someone didn’t hold their end of the “Mary Poppins Easter” bargain.

  13. Dutch

    Something tells me this outfit is not helping his reconciliation efforts

    • DeucePickle

      Something tell me that he’s got a 10 inch wang, otherwise why would she be seen with a lunatic like him ?

  14. Undercover

    Someone should tell David that they have already finished the auditions and production for Hop.

  15. Why do I feel like this picture is the result of a color blind 5 year olds’ first attempt at photoshop?

    • jamiejames

      my favorite part is the egg sac hanging off her ass. is that supposed to be scarf?

    • It’s like on the way there, they fell down the Rabbit Hole, had a costume tea party with Alice, lost track of time, where David exclaimed “We’re Late!, We’re Late!”, Opened the door back to Beverly Hills and carried on their merry way.

  16. brit

    “…I am the Music Man and I come from out of town and I can play…”

  17. Deacon Jones

    He looks sober to me!

  18. TomFrank

    It’s the bowtie that makes it art.

  19. Jenny with a Y

    Courtney looks like she just realized that she is stuck with that man until Wes Craven finally kills one of them off.

  20. Kayne East

    It looks like he is coming back from the audition as Pee Wee Herman’s stunt double, and the Easter basket was his consolation prize.

  21. Could someone tell David Arquette he’s still not Johnny Depp?

  22. Captain Slappy

    Orville Reddenbacher from the Knickerbocker’s in the HIZZOUSE! THAT PHOTO IS FREAKING AWESOME! He has got to be hung like a fucking mule…he has no fear of YOUR “fashion standards”. Damnation could he teach Gaga a thing or two. Stylin’ AND Profilin’ in the Easter HOOD.

  23. IM FUNNY

    Man, [person that wears something similar on a regular basis] is looking [description of appearance] lately!

  24. Ashley

    Oh God, she’s married to Mr. Bean. No wonder she won’t have sex with him, sick, sick, sick, that would be like having sex with a six year old.

  25. Isn’t the Kentucky Derby in like July or August?

  26. ChonchArcola

    you people have missed the point…this kind of “quirkyness” is what got him inside her vagina the first time.he knows what he’s doing…give it’ll see.

  27. justuhbill

    Courtney Cox is Morticia Addams and David Arquette is Gomez Addams in The New Adventures of The Addams Family! Coming this summer to ABC Family!

  28. s'up bitches

    What a pretentious douche. He’s kind of an asshole too!

  29. Colin

    Somewhere, a giant ventriloquist is missing their dummy.

  30. Turd Ferguson

    Where does one even buy shit like that?

    • Trust me, if you have enough money (or in this case, access to your wife’s money) legions of visually-impaired designers will find you.

  31. She’s thinking, “Damn, why can’t I land a real man?”.

  32. The Critical Crassness

    David,the woman is supposed to wear the Easter Bonnet! Oh wait, you are the woman in this relationship, right?

  33. David enters the Easter party with the strut of a man who just got a little something extra en route. Meanwhile, Courteney clenches her stomach in a feeble attempt to stop the bile from rising in her throat as the realization sets in that she just screwed a dandy man.

  34. Frunken

    I bet he’s hiding a mint julep in that basket.

  35. cc

    Stay off o’ my pink suede shoes.

  36. Winters

    That outfit just guaranteed Courteney full custody.

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