1. Wasn’t he in a movie once?

  2. Dorf is taller than I remember from his golf videos.

  3. UnholyKrep

    That’s right- this hand can hold a thimble AND an acorn at the same time!

  4. “Just squat down and put your scrotum right here, random photographer dude.”

  5. baron of all media

    “You’ve got FIVE seconds, buddy! FIVE seconds before I put on an even dumber hat…. five… four…. three….”

  6. Dutch

    Stephen Dorff attempts to entice Jessica Simpson with an invisible ham.

  7. Deacon Jones

    “Hey, did I ever show you guys about my insanely large left hand? I had a busy childhood with the Sears catalogue.”

  8. TomFrank

    “I was supposed to be famous. Can you spare any change?”

  9. Nug

    Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio.

  10. It doesn’t actually show it, but the sign on the Streetcorner says ” The Face of the Earth” -Glad we caught up to Stephen before he fell off it.

  11. Captain Slappy

    Oh shit! That’s the Dorfster! I thought he had died, like Sean Penn, and a bunch of others I can’t remember because I thought they died. GO DORF GO!

    • OOOOHH

      Last movie I saw this guy in was “The Gate” when he was like, eleven. I don’t think he’s been up to much since then.

  12. It must be hard on the ego when you try to dress up nice to go out but still end up looking like a homeless guy. Mind you, it only says he’s at the Roxy… he could just be panhandling…

  13. Samantha


  14. Turd Ferguson

    Way too much time was spent trying to look thrown together.

  15. “One time I snorted a bag of coke this big.”

  16. dick swells

    “Im the barber of seville!” Figaro!

  17. cc

    He looked much bigger in that Rocky movie.

  18. cc

    “Look, I am starring on an off-Broadway production of ‘The Great Gatsby’. Alright, what I mean is it’s in my friend’s garage. Why not come over? Free pop!”

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