1. KungFu Panda

    We don’t need no stinkin’ Kardashians!

  2. Well played, black microphone. Well played, indeed.

  3. stanley


  4. kimmykimkim

    The microphone is not THAT large. Settle down, slut!

  5. Deacon Jones

    “So Arnold and I are on the set of “True Lies” one day and I told him I was a hermaphrodite, and he just got on his knees and went like this —”

  6. Blech

    Two observations: (1) she’s an older version of a white Abed from NBC’s “Community” and (2) she still looks better on her worst day than Tori Spelling on her most ecstatic.

  7. Not shown: every piece of glass within 200 yards shattering in unison.

  8. I guess that explains why she’s been married so long.

  9. That was a lob


  10. The Brown Streak

    “It’s wierd…whenever I sing, Michael Myers wants to kill me.”

  11. Chris Pine

    Ya ya I know.. Hamlets girlfriend.

  12. “O say does that star-spangled Red Cross yet waaave…”

  13. Shitz

    Activi……oh god dammit!

  14. Pearce Bronzetan

    Probably not the best place to do a When Harry Met Sally diner scene reenactment

  15. LilNugget

    “I’m so happy I’m regular! “

  16. The teeth, lady, watch the teeth!

  17. Bousman and Zdunich have found a replacement to Zdunich’s role in the sequel to “The Devil’s Carnival”. And she needs no make-up adjustment.

  18. cc

    I was about to make a joke then I remembered her figure in True Lies.

  19. mbcl

    “Vooolare whoa-o ….”

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