1. kimmykimkim

    A giant purse, pink headphones, pink shoes. Yep! Nothing hetero going on here.

  2. Eddy

    The kid doesn´t even try to be not gay

  3. He’s about to go all gay ghetto on someone’s ass.

  4. Even clowns don’t look THAT silly.

  5. Blech

    He’s more feminine than I am, and I’m the one with the vagina.

  6. catapostrophe

    It must be fun selling him “rare” and “limited edition” things in expensive colors.

  7. Bonky

    Didn’t he buy that bag last summer for Selena ? Why doesn’t he just put on a summer dress and be done with it ?

  8. BlackAndWhite.Minstrel

    The Gucci summer collection modelled by Sunshine House. If it worked they’d have said it was genius.

  9. suck it

    Just when I was starting to think he was maturing and not an immature fem boy….. then the Borat Twitter Youtube thing and this.
    What a little twat.

  10. Crabby Old Guy

    Would someone just beat the living shit out of this dweeb and be done with it. I’m pretty sure our 10-year daughter could kick his candy ass around the block.

  11. Dirk Diggler

    I cant wait until he’s caught sucking Ricky Martins dick.

  12. guest

    his look says – white chris brown ghetto clown meets sam ronson/gay guy circa 2005, plus a purse. what things must one think to go through the day like this?

  13. The Brown Streak

    Don’t these girls know his heart belongs to Jeff?

  14. Contusion

    He’s a modern day String Bean.

  15. JohnBoss

    So. Photo Boy is writing WWTD again this week, isn’t he?

  16. Fred

    This kid can not be in the ground soon enough.

  17. Lovechewie

    Actually I think the Biebs got jumped….

  18. There’s a joke to be made here about beating off his fans, but I don’t see any guys in the crowd.

  19. Mitch

    Those are the doucheiest looking pants I have ever seen. WTF is wrong with this little twat?

  20. Clearly he’s had Neff, you guys.

  21. Shitz

    Jesus H Christ. This kid’s outfit is wronger than two boys fuckin.

  22. name

    why do you live?

  23. dooood

    it’s ok to be gay.
    it is not ok to be justin bieber.

  24. tlmck

    Ward, I’m worried about the Bieber.

  25. the truth

    All these people talking shit on this dude would give there left nut to trade places with him. He’s 19 multimillionaire and can have his pick of whatever chick he wants. I don’t give a shit what he wears he’s living the good life.

  26. The Winchester

    Someone gave the little kid a knock off “Nerf” hat for Boxing Day, eh?

  27. lori

    I can’t stand this kid. Get him out of my sight.

  28. squishy

    You wouldn’t need protection if you pulled up your freakin pants Douche!!

  29. devilsrain

    fucking youtube

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