1. I have to say it but she is not aging well… Parts of her anyway…

  2. She’s still so hot. And she can save your ass if you’re drowning. Always a plus.

  3. DeucePickle

    If this is typical soccer mom attire, I’ve got to get my kid signed up for soccer

  4. joe

    Designers, today’s challenge is to find a way to make my tits look like they did before my kids sank them. You have six hours and 300 dollars to spend at Mood.

  5. Sag and melanoma are not the best look for boobs

  6. Mrs Robinson, are you trying to offer me flapjacks?

  7. moles, seal flipper tits…i’ll pass.

  8. j/k

    Moments later she ripped open her shirt and pulled 8 kids out of burning building.

  9. Oh Heidi, that chest isn’t looking good :/

  10. My first thought was that Gwyneth was looking pretty ragged these days. Then someone explained to me that it was supposed to be Heidi Klum, and I panicked.

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