1. Cock Dr


  2. ThisWillHurt

    Kim Kardashian is distraught after realizing she would have to wait 18 years to properly exploit her child.

  3. Reverse the colors in that outfit and she’s a Twinkie.

  4. Yeesh, her breasts are starting to point down. You know it’s bad when your moneymakers start revolting.

  5. Jesus fuck she’s turning into Octomom.

  6. Behold! The Great White Whale—Mo’ B Dick.

  7. She has the look of “udder” defeat.

  8. PJ Bandit

    Even among cattle there is a black cow. And she walks with shame and her head and udders hung low.

    • PJ Bandit

      Great, now I feel sorry for her. Wow, I just found my boundary. I can’t make fun of pregnant women. – I was already suspicious at the Middleton picture. – Damn my morals!

  9. fuck this whore—-MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  10. Hank

    You people are mean

  11. FattyFatFuck

    How bouts wearing some looser clothes so that kid can have room to grow. At the rate shes going the kids heads gonna look like a half mushed loaf of bread.

  12. Senor Trout

    Hey sweetie – where’s Kanye?

  13. let’s blow the whale up with dynamite! KABOOMM!

  14. melissa

    Bitch is just FAT. There’s no baby in there. If I wanted to shove food in my mouth all day long for fun, I’d tell people I’m pregnant too.

  15. Is anyone else hearing the sad walking away song from The Incredible Hulk in their heads?

  16. FattyFatFuck

    She needs to wear loose clothes and let the baby grow. At this rate that kids gonna come out with its head like a half mushed loaf of bread.

  17. *Looks at the skinny blonde behind her, bursts into tears*

  18. she doesn’t even look pregnant. she looks like she has a secret Whopper obsession.

  19. Pigdashian McShitpile

    Bad dog! BAD!

  20. Kanye isn’t hiding. He has been walking behind Kim this whole time.

  21. I don’t really pay much attention to how she looks nowadays. Other than her milk duds, that is. I have a theory that by the time she gives birth we’ll be looking at the Eighth Wonder of the World.

  22. she just keeps getting wider. I bet shes having a girl

  23. tom

    Keep flying all over the country Kim! That’s the best way to get a miscarriage you’ll be able to whore out later in all the trashy media.

  24. She’s practicing the look for when she tells Kanye the baby is really Satan’s.

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