2. It looks like he’s enjoying some “maid service” right now.

  3. meeps!

    Looks like Chet was mean to Gary and Wyatt again…

  4. Quasi

    Under the word “Smug” in the dictionary you’ll find this picture…

  5. ThisWillHurt

    “Datz veray gude, Kreezten Stoo-vurd. Tell me, haf you conseedurd a cur-reer een hause-keepeeng?”

  6. “I’ll be fat!”

  7. And today there is a homely mexican maid rubbing a bruise with a Mercedes logo in the middle of it.

  8. jessica

    This is literally everyones “i’m taking a shit” face.

  9. DaBuddah

    Pic taken on 4/20 – “Get to the vaporizah!”

  10. I think we found a new picture for the “drunk driver” entry on wikipedia.

  11. “And dis, ha ha, dis is da paht where mah head stahts to collapse into mah ribcadge!”

  12. The new “pecker checker” Mercedes just came out with looks like its working fine.

  13. Hitler can’t reach the pedals and flips out.

    “Nein nein nein nein!!!!”

  14. He’s riding dirty to attract maids.

  15. Brad

    Finally alone… Praaarrppp!

  16. GROSS! that is all.

  17. “I’m sorry Mr.Travolta. We’ll tell Mr. Schwarzenegger to put some pants on and kick him out of your car.”

    “No no…Let him finish.”

  18. Elf

    Oh, shit! It’s Mr. Creosote!

  19. “At my age, sometimes the best one can hope for is a good bowel movement…”

  20. “Your neck … give it to me !”

  21. guttboy

    Getting a “hummer” in his Hummer….

  22. Leprechaun 4: He’s Back.

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