1. Cock Dr

    I will call her “Mini Mouth”.

  2. Why is a body like that on the radio? Blasphemy!

  3. Auditioning for The Penguin.

  4. Phoenix

    I doubt that’s her real name.

  5. Dr. Seuss

    I call this Paris Hilton 2.0

  6. Those are some chicken legs!

  7. No, bitch. Just NO. OK? You’re not so fuckin’ much.

  8. spikedtounge

    Is it just me or does she look like a young Cyndi Lauper?

  9. Smelly

    Does no one in LA even notice the smog anymore, why don’t they photoshop it!

  10. If she realized how much she looks like Paris Hilton in this shot, she’d throw herself right off that ledge.

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