1. Hugh Jazz

    Holy Shit! The stories of reptilian aliens are real! Those some mean dorsal bumps.

  2. There she was having a wonderful day and some asshole has to hold up a mirror in front of her.

  3. She’s OK, it hit her chin. Gonna need a new car door, though.

  4. Phoenix

    I knew it couldn’t be real! And it that paparazzi had bee just a little quicker on the draw we could have seen what she looks like without the prosthetic chin.

  5. Oh great! I see they’re making a “Species 3″

  6. You know you’re an addict when you snort spilled cocaine off the sidewalk in full view of the paparazzi.

  7. anonymous

    LOL….how shitty a papparrazi do you have to be to end up with the job of having to follow this chick around?

    At least she calls each of them personally to tell them where she will be and if they need gas money to get there.

  8. renotastic

    Mom gave me a whippet and now i’m having trouble staying on this tiny red carpet!!

  9. “Please hold my hand, its a long way down.”

  10. Vlad

    When you have to shit so bad, it pops vertebrae

  11. FattyFatFuck

    She smelled her own breath and collapsed poor thing.

  12. One of her best angles.

  13. FattyFatFuck

    She smelled her own breathe and passed out poor thing.

  14. They should have never unplugged her from the Matrix.

  15. How elegant, now she just goes right on the curb.

  16. *Sees reflection in the car window, bursts into tears*

  17. *snif*” Why does the paparazzi keep calling me Rocky Dennis?”

  18. I’d like to think she’s laughing at something, because if she’s crying, that can be interpreted as a very sad photo.

  19. tlmck

    When your pee is red, it is time to see a doctor.

  20. Just figured out dad must be Jay The Chin Leno.

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