1. B&WMinstrel

    God help you grampa. The last time I saw someone looking that guilty they were hiding in a boat.

  2. Cock Dr

    Someone told her he was a big time Hollywood producer.

  3. ThisWillHurt

    I don’t think Ron White knows what he’s getting into.

  4. Did she donate belly skin to his face graft?

  5. She is finally dating up I see.

  6. Jeez, no WONDER she needs a discount on her clothes!

  7. The Big Lebowski’s weakness is vanity, hence the slut.

  8. His legs are going to Tara, but his upper body is desperately trying to get away.

  9. Mr. Voight? You alright?

  10. This isn’t George Kennedy?

  11. FattyFatFuck

    I’m glad she feels good enough about herself that she can be out and proud about becoming her own grandmaw.

  12. So close Tara. It’s “Coachella”, not “Old fella”.

  13. “Don’t worry poppa, I’ve got all the viagra you’ll need write here. So how about that money then?”

  14. That’s got to be her dad, right? Or maybe she has a personal ad in the AARP Bulletin!

  15. JJ

    You’ll marry me. Won’t you, Nick Nolte?

  16. That dude doesn’t know whether to yank on his MedAlert necklace or his zipper, maybe both at the same time to be on the safe side.

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