1. So they they just lop off one of her legs and grill it for food for everyone at Coachella?

    That’s “green”, isnt it?

  2. Cock Dr

    Those ankle boots really bring out the thunder thighs.

  3. “Look, so what I’m thinking is that with your new uhmmm shape, we can definitely score some free stuff from those black guys we met earlier”

  4. Ahhh… Another follower of the great Guru Sudeikis.

  5. Phoenix


  6. What does she do? How can she afford to go to these things? Was the O.C. really that lucrative?

  7. I wonder what fragrance she’s pitching to Dennis Feinstein.

  8. “So yeah Mischa I was a fan of the Lumineers way back in 2010 when they had like 2 fans, and I did I tell you I grew up with Justin Vernon from Bon Iver? Also I have Cocaine. Its in my penis.”

    “Where to?”

  9. Is she wearing a QR code?

  10. It’s a nice thing to treat the homeless to a concert. Way to go Mischa!

  11. “…Anyways the doctor said stop picking at it and let it scab over.”

  12. Festival-goers started freaking out when ripples would appear in their beer cups. The Bartonsaurus was on the prowl.

  13. She looks like she is made up of body parts from about four or five different women.

  14. tlmck

    She must be carrying his IEDs.

  15. Starbuxs

    “so Mi baby…I know I promised to keep the sweater wrapped around to help you look normal…
    but sweetie I have to show off my great as* “

  16. tom

    Now that’s a great huge white ass.

  17. I don’t think she’s fat, really, I just think she’s a pretentious bitch.

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