1. I’m with ya, Photo Boy

  2. Matty

    I think you mean “Jennifer Tilly standing in front of a picture of the “Yesssss!” MOCA Gala 2013″

  3. Best car advertisement ever. If Jennifer Titty cant sell your car, nothing can.

  4. Anonymous

    Still hot. Her looks have been pretty much unchanged since 2003.

    Can’t say the same for a lot of quite a few much younger starlets.

  5. I think she should have gone to the “NOOOOOO!” MOCA Gala 2013, instead.

  6. OK, the whole Betty Boop cartoon makes sense now.

  7. She has good mileage, handles like a dream and quality airbags. The car comes with an optional cup holder.

  8. navvet75


  9. No, not for “old times’ sake” – I just would, period.

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