1. In every single picture like this, there’s always an Allison Mack in the background saying it all with her face

  2. If that was a real black light, Channing’s mouth would light up like a Christmas tree.

  3. Jamie Foxx awkwardly realizing just what “white party” actually means…

  4. joe

    She found out to late that “NJ” means “no junkies.”

  5. “Dude, you said ‘white party’, who let Wanda here in?”

  6. tlmck

    Blue Man Group is a cult now?

  7. Fredical

    Great, so Amazing Spider-Man 2′s plot is just a rehash of the first’s. The Lizard tried to turn everyone else into lizards, and Jamie Foxx is trying to turn everyone into raving Smurfs.

  8. Potato


  9. “A story has just come in reporting that in Cancun, Mexico, blue balls is spreading…”

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