1. “GNNYYAHH! Sunlight!”

  2. I loved her in Batman.

  3. CNN has nonstop coverage of the hunt for the birds that shit on Larry King’s car.

  4. kravdan

    Larry made a boom boom!
    Just keep smiling he has to die soon…

  5. Frank Burns

    “Damn newfangled horseless carriage! What does these letters PRNDL spell? That’s not even a real word!”

  6. I thought it must be Tippi Hedren.

  7. Jesus, he’s sucking the life force out of her.

  8. Would you trust somebody as old as Larry to drive? He can go at any moment.

  9. “Shut your fucking pie-hole or I’ll give you a backhand right in your teeth!”

  10. “How important is the windshield Shawn ? Comment ?”

  11. Is that the corpse of Michael Jackson in the backseatt?

  12. Suspenders!

    That’s all I got.

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