1. Is there a king douche at Coachella because if there is I assume this little turd was crowned it.

    • CK

      I’m more amazed at the fact that, despite all the rampant drug and alcohol consumption there, little shitheads like this one don’t get their asses kicked “when no-one’s looking” or “while everyone’s looking”.

  2. Juch

    “Mmm, mmm! I gots to get me some of that! Yes, that is one sweet fanny pack. Its a purse that a dude can wear too!”

  3. jep

    The Lame Prince of Coachella

  4. “Douche Bag and the Enema” coming to a Theater near You!

  5. fred

    “Yeah, Jaden. Like, rhinestone studded butt packs are totally the new thing. And this one isn’t like any other one you can get because it is made with genuine, authentic Ghanian rhinestones and hand sewn by 80 year old women in the Republic of Congo. This is one of only 12 in the world. And it’s totally true because the guy who sold it to Uncle Kanye totally gave him a certificate of authenticity. Kind of surprised a guy like you didn’t know about this, Jaden. Maybe we shouldn’t hang out for a while.”

  6. ksmack

    Damn girl–you right! It is eye-opening to see how accessorizing too much can kill a look. Glad all I wore was this coordinated black leather pants with floppy hat today. But tomorrow…can i borrow that eagle feather fringe collar with beaded tassel bib? Thanks girl.

  7. Remember when you thought “Wild Wild West” was the worst piece of crap Will Smith churned out?

  8. Spleen

    Looks like he’s trying to reach back and grab that guy behind him.

  9. Why isn’t he wearing one of his man-dresses ?

  10. martian

    so young and he is already on roid?

  11. In related news, Pharrell went home and burned his entire collection of stupid hats.

  12. Jaden Smith and Kylie Jenner: A match made in…a hurry.

    BTW, what the fuck are those ridiculous shit-kickers she’s wearing? They look more like torture devices than shoes.

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