1. cajunhawk

    Method acting for douchebags…

  2. Me too

    That is the exact face I made trying to figure out what’s going on with his penis.

  3. Eric

    Che the Beef

  4. I want to call him a douche, but really he gets points for not being at Coachella.

  5. Eric

    Hey douche-bag, if Che was in power you wouldn’t be getting paid millions of dollars for your movies and he would put your bourgeoisie ass in front of a firing squad because of you we now have the term “Shia Labeoufing” in the English language.

  6. Ronaldo

    Are those the only pair of pants he owns?? He is always wearing them.

  7. I’m not joking, is that a frozen burrito?

    • Smapdi

      On zoom it looks like a plastic tray of three-bean salad. No doubt bought at an elite deli for $25 per ounce, but its the earthy “people’s food” that keeps Shia grounded.

  8. Man, if those pant’s could talk…well they’d probably just sob nonstop and occasionally mutter “burn me”.

  9. Shia

    “I said not in the face!”

  10. Juch

    One wonders how many personal assistants it took combing the streets and homeless shelters before they found one with pants and shirt in Shia’s size.

  11. Will he just go eat a toilet sandwich, and get botulism .

  12. Good news for Shia is that he is already prepared to be a homeless hobo….

  13. I wonder if he just puts that outfit on each time he heads out the door. Then he gets back home, throws on a pair of Dockers and a nice shirt and just laughs and laughs at his cleverness.

  14. Yabbo

    That’s probably his Mercedes.

  15. I’d bet $100 he couldn’t say what country Che Guevara was from…he probably thinks it’s a wicked cool Planet of the Apes t-shirt

  16. Cantankerous Me

    How did you get the beans above the frank?

  17. If he really respected Che he would imitate him and bury himself under a Bolivian airport.

  18. crackerland

    Shit. Now he is trying to plagiarize Jon Hamm’s penis. Please tell me he plans to use that sandwich to plagiarize Mama Cass next.

  19. “Yeah, it’s camel toe. I kinda invented it.”

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