1. Frank Burns

    0_0 Yes please!

  2. Yes, I’ll take them both to go please.

  3. JimBB

    Unless justice is not only blind but also unaware that I’m not really Brad Pitt, I don’t stand a chance.

  4. double that giggity…

  5. New beat off material. Are they legal yet?

  6. Tom

    Would do.

  7. byron821

    Would definitely do them justice.

  8. This sex tape needs to happen.

  9. Chaz

    Wait a second, those aren’t Kardashians?

  10. Spleen

    Yes X 2. Or yes squared even.

  11. Her sister looks like the slutty one. But I’m hoping Victoria is really the slutty one.

  12. WOW! Breakfast and lunch. And from the same family. Beautiful young ladies.

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