1. Contusion

    Nicole Kidman, shocked that her face just moved.

  2. Dick Hell

    Just keep her and her brats away from my camera collection!

  3. Bonky

    My friend told me this is a great place for a girl to get slimed, but what’s with all the kids ?

  4. Behold the death star to my self esteem.

  5. Cock Dr

    I am sick to death of her, but must acknowledge that she wears those boots quite well.

  6. “Oh, the boots? They’re genuine sealskin.”

  7. Heidi Klum and the Kid’s Choice Awards? Unless the kids are breastfeeding and voting on her nipples, I don’t see what she’s doing there.

  8. Giggity

    There is a metric fuck tonne of dumb packed into that outfit.

  9. Grand Poobah

    fits just wonderfully, what’s with the collar?

  10. Oh, Heidi. You’re still beautiful beyond words and I’d love to spend my time giving you a full-body tongue massage, but in the future you may want to consider wearing a fucking brassiere!

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