1. amir

    O.K. Will, switching up your game,eh?

  2. Dick Hell

    (not seen) Eddie Murphy sucking miniature inflatable transexual’s toes.

  3. it had to be said

    Why does she have a Fergie doll on her wrist?

  4. Not the kind of luck he thought that green jacket would bring him…

  5. Yay! Been waiting forever for his duet with Ke$ha!

  6. Contusion

    Will I. Am. Not. Gay.

  7. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    What I see when anyone mentions gay marriage

  8. Deacon Jones

    I wonder if he tried out Mic Dundee’s handshake while he was there…

  9. dontkillthemessenger

    This is Fergie in front of the HD camera. (30 Rock)

  10. Well, she did find him at the end of that rainbow, so legally I think she gets to keep him.

  11. Floyd

    2 girls 6 balls

  12. I didn’t know Ann Coulter was in Australia?

  13. anonym trying to look uninterested

  14. “We replaced the Black Eyed Peas’ Fergie with a generic Australian tranny. Let’s see if can tell the difference.”

  15. rockthrowinghipster

    He looks like a gay park ranger and that tranny has a prettier face than fergie. Moral of the story is, if you make shitty pop get fans who listen to shitty pop music. You think trannys recognize James Hetfield on the street?

    • dooood

      will i am can’t yell Ooooooooooooooo yeayeaaaAAAH! B’OH!!! while speed shredding at the same time.

      if it wasn’t for that tonight’s gonna be a good night song that you hear at every wedding and bar mitzvah, we woulda been done with those clowns by now.

  16. The Brown Streak

    “Note to self: White rubber dicks make Kardashians run in fear.”

  17. dooood

    ke$ha, will i am and lady gaga are apparently touring together

  18. Looks like he can’t decide whether to puke or get a hard on.

  19. Kyle

    Rod Stewart looks fucking terrible.

  20. Jimm

    What’s Leann Rimes doing to will,iam!!

  21. And then Michael Bolton asked “Lemme see your Black Eyed Peas!”

  22. A picture is worth a thousand words…

  23. Least convincing leprechaun ever.

  24. Grand Poobah

    He is on his way to drop the tranny off at Tiger Woods’ place for the weekend, it will help him do better at the Masters ….

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