1. JuggNuttz

    I’d take The Hoff’s sloppy seconds. i mean once you clean off all the uneaten burger bits, its like being the first one.

  2. The Laughing G-D

    Money on not being able to speak English.

  3. Cock Dr

    So she wants to fuck the jowled transgender pirate dame. Have at it.
    Maybe she’ll get a trip to St Barts & a couple nice pieces of pirate booty out of the deal before she’s made to walk the plank.

  4. Deacon Jones

    I bet a conversation with this chick is like the meathead in those Planet Fitness commercials…

    “I buy things and use your credit card……I buy things and use your credit card”

  5. From when? Nice but the chick at Coachella wasn’t this hot…

  6. The Critical Crassness

    Six weeks and she is rehab!

  7. The Critical Crassness

    This is what David Actually sees when he’s sitting on the floor drunk. It’s not a Hamburger in his hands, it’s a blurry model.

    Fuck I can’t think of one for this… Dammit.

    here let me try again…

    Here is Davids…. Hamburger he… ate…

    but a girl.

  8. Sodomy_Is_For_Girls

    They’re doing it? So..I guess she’s the actual…Knight rider?

  9. Ismoss

    Shes only on here because they needed a even number.

  10. I am betting her waist size and IQ are in the same ballpark.

  11. Brennan Haley

    After placing second in the Charlie Sheen Personal Assistant contest and fourth in the Hugh Hefner Bridal Pageant, Hayley finally made it to the big time with a starring role in the new TV sitcom Don’t Scoff at the Hoff. No more being Pamela Anderson’s fluffer for this young lady.

  12. Sin

    Give some tits and she is Pamela Anderson Lite.

  13. Pimptastic

    She looks too young, I hope I don’t get my computer taken for looking at this picture !!!

  14. Pimptastic

    Is this a computer generated image of what Jonbenet Ramsey would have looked like if she grew up to become a dirty whore ?

  15. Fuck, there goes my hatred for him.

  16. Jill_Ess

    “Modeling photo” huh? Looks like she took this pic with her laptop camera. She didn’t even bother to iron the bed sheet she used for the back drop. Classy!

  17. Why does the backdrop of her “modeling photo” have a pocket sewn on it? Something tells me the “agency” she modeled at was advertised on Craigs List.

  18. lili

    Blonde hairs? Check.
    Porn star make up? Check.
    Lack of clothes? Check.
    Lack of chest? Check.

    Looks like someone has been reading the Charlie Sheen 101.

  19. MrsWrong

    Im sorry, …David Hasselhoff’s…. what ….now?

  20. Is he dating Michael Lohan’s sloppy seconds?

  21. They were right in front of us backstage at Duran Duran (Coachella) this weekend. He’s REALLY tall. I had no idea. I also didn’t realize she was his girlfriend. I thought daughter or niece maybe.

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