1. Any Guy

    romancing the stone was a long, long, long, LOOOONG fuckin’ time ago.

  2. Adrienne

    Mickey Rourke needs to stop wearing lipstick

  3. Cock Dr

    Dear god, she has so hit the wall.
    Well, she ain’t Botoxing, that’s for sure.

  4. Deacon Jones

    “I used to sniff these fuckers too, kiddies. Now look at me.”

  5. Kbaad

    “Are you sure the Chola’s use blue?”

  6. DoUchEbaGelS

    “I may sound like a man but this pen will attest to the contrary”

  7. The Critical Crassness

    “Body Heat” definitely not a remake, I want to see with the original cast reprising their roles…

  8. kimmykimkim

    Oh my god. I seriously thought this was some 80 year old latina for a second.

  9. The Critical Crassness

    If I stare at this blue pen long enough, I may be able to turn it into a Jewel. A Jewel of Denial – Denial being that I still have a career!

  10. Mangezmangez

    “Collini out.”

  11. Punky

    “The color of this pen
    is r-r-r–
    The color of this pen…
    is re-e-e-e-e–
    The color of the pen
    that l hold in my hand…
    is r-r-r-r–
    r-r-royal blue!”

  12. She used to have the best damned legs. Period.

  13. Ismoss

    Old sucks

  14. Satan's bitch

    Nurse Ratchet is still alive?!?!

  15. Brennan Haley

    Kathleen Turner on the set of LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE, playing the character of Jim Carrey’s grandmother – take thirty four: “The pen is blue. What’s so frigging difficult about that? What do you mean that’s not the line? Is the retard gone, because I’m going back to my trailer for a drink.”

  16. SuperT

    This is just further proof that Christy Brinkley is a witch.

  17. Romancing the Prune.

  18. MrsWrong

    Two words…-CHEMICAL PEEL-

  19. Pimptastic

    Looks like she is going to grade my homework, luckily she doesn’t have the red pen !

  20. I wish I could retrieve all the spooge I spent on her back in the day.

  21. UnholyKrep

    Who let Orson Welles out?

  22. cc

    No fucking way….

  23. friendlyfires

    I don’t care how long it is, I’m not signing body parts …. good show, though!

  24. and “body heat” turns into “heating pad”…

  25. Double D

    The people who are thinking “There was a time I use to masturbate to this woman” are having the same feelings of guilt and regret as those people who are thinking, “There was a time when I used to let my kids play at Neverland Ranch.”

  26. Deryn

    C’est soit le derrière ou le visage. But, thanks to all the fat, at least her hands look young. Take that, Christie.

  27. Oz Matters

    I’m not bad, I’m just photographed that way

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