1. The Laughing G-D

    “Widen the doors! Stretch out the floors! Mammy’s back in town!”

  2. The Critical Crassness

    Wild prints should never be worn to detract from a big ass…you might just as well hang a sign on it reading, “Wide Load Ahead”.

  3. Skechers Shape-Ups: results may vary with corset tightness.

  4. There’s nothing hotter than a chick in plus-sized Nanocomposite Spanx.

  5. Rough&Roses

    Wet ,opening, Hotel, Las Vegas, Kim Kardashian?

    Would you believe my pastor utter the exact words in a sermon Sunday morning?

  6. Sin

    PLEASE!!! Stop giving this no talent Fame Whore the media exposure she does not deserve.

  7. Ponkur

    We’re gonna need a bigger boat.

  8. amIevil

    When she gets married with kids, she will let that slim body go.

    You heard it here first.

  9. MrsWrong

    SOOOO tired of her “boob-fat” its like her tits are trying to run the f away!

  10. Wet Republic opened 3 years ago. I was staying at the Grand when they did the big grand opening. Saw Heidi with her old new tits. They were pretty spectacular.

  11. I wonder how many times she knocked over that backdrop with her big ass.

  12. I really want to dis this, but right after Undead Gay Burt it’s just too fucking hot. Sorry, myself.

  13. UnholyKrep

    So is the print dress supposed to hide urine stains better?

  14. Squirmy

    Does this dress make my ass look fat?

  15. Pedobait

    She’s shaped like the anti-Barbie.

  16. Pedobait

    I bet if we stood her next to Heidi and they accidentally touched the universe would bless us by combining them into one normally proportioned human being with a complete soul.

    Just saying…

  17. Steelerchick

    Does this make my ass look big???

  18. CharmlessMan

    Her ass is like Mauna Loa.

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