1. Richard McBeef

    OK, OK, now my turn!!!


  2. Cob Bostas

    Nice protein shaker

  3. Dammit they’re bigger than mine!

  4. jeffiner

    the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. and she’s already bringing him cottage cheese.

  5. Wet Monkey

    Sexual harassment!!! A man is not a piece of meat. This is a humiliation of a man’s rights and dignity and should not be tolerated. – Funny how women aren’t screaming it. They seem quite opposite when this happens to them. And don’t bitch about breast vs chest, feeling up someone is feeling up someone. (To be read with a sarcastic tone.)

  6. Fishballs

    I would literally place two hands in Maria Menounos’ asshole, spread it wide open, and nest my head in there, subsisting only on her anal leakage.

  7. “OK, now I get to squeeze yours.”

  8. Grand Poobah

    looks like that spandex is working pretty hard..

  9. Swearin

    So this is what rediculously good looking people do in their free time…

  10. nice teef

    He has nice teef.

  11. Blech

    I think he has a better looking ass. And he’s kinda hot, too.

  12. Ian B

    I guess she hasn’t discovered NIKE’s anti-cellulite spandex yet.

  13. mbcl

    “Tee hee hee now stop that Maria my boyfriend is watching us.”

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