1. dontkillthemessenger

    After careful deliberation, I’ve decided the hair is indeed worse than the scarf.

  2. It’s not a scarf… It’s a scientifically crafted restraint to keep his fat from causing the outfit to explode…

  3. Frank Burns

    I didn’t know Lane Bryant had a store in Vancouver.

  4. BlackAndWhite.Minstrel

    Doucheman from LEGO®

  5. Pretty sure that ‘hair’ is Sharpied on.

  6. “One! One silly scarf! Ahh ahh ahh ahh ahh!”

  7. Scarier than Nugent!

  8. Bloat and Pleather
    Bloat and Pleather
    Now I’m ready for any weather
    Bloat and Pleather
    Bloat and Pleather
    Tickle my bum with a feather

  9. Billybob

    The scarf is actually the most badass thing in this photo.

  10. No one knows that there’s a man’s severely broken arm hidden inside that scarf.

  11. EricLr

    It’s the anti-Chuck Norris.

  12. Hey Steven, the bar called and said if you bring back their curtains they won’t press charges.

  13. What a complete fucking douche.

  14. Pearce Bronzetan

    Though trying hard to reinvigorate his tough guy image, Steven Seagal mistakenly hangs the wrong type of boa around his neck.

  15. oldfool

    Count Floyd looks cold.

  16. If he had big round ears, he’d look like Mickey Mouse.

  17. Grand Poobah

    who ever does his hair, I would like to hire to give my lawn a try.

  18. Perplexity

    I took this scarf from a Pashtun warlord named Kerzai back in ’82, when I was working covert operations for an organization I can’t name, due to national security measures. I wear it on occasion to remind me that even death has a purpose.

  19. Swearin

    You make your fun, but I bet you that at some point before or in the future, that scarf will take out an entire legion of mercenaries or terrorists

  20. The Brown Streak

    Vancouver is riot ready…

  21. Jon

    You don’t wear a scarf to keep warm; you push the cold away with your mind.

  22. M waddams

    Not even wearing a beach towel as a scarf can hide the face that Eddie Munster Seagal’s neck is a 40W.

  23. Bigalkie

    What a bitch!

  24. Neal

    What else do you do with a dish towel other than use it on things that are washed up?

  25. Contusion

    John Travolta says that’s the worst looking wig he’s ever seen.

  26. Contusion

    Eddie Munster growed up.

  27. Pablo

    You can still see his double chin.

  28. King Diamond


  29. will

    Drac 2000!

  30. tod

    hes worn a coat for the last 15 years… no matter how hot it is he thinks we dont know he’s fat. his hair looks like he puts it on.

  31. Oz Matters

    He carries his arm like he has a hairline fracture, in addition to the hairline fracture on his head.

  32. cutthecrap

    Remember those old school Lego guys with the detachable hair? Yeah, that

  33. Kravdan

    It’s not a scarf,it is a jowel/double chin cover. The only thing Seagal scarfs is pie!

  34. “I’m just a cook…don’t burn my pies!!”

  35. Scott

    He’s disgusting. Hiring innocent “attendants” to serve his sexual needs in Vancouver. You’re 60 years old and screwing around with 19 year olds and current wife’s family members??..really??..give your head a shake….

  36. The Truth

    Hey …y don’t you go screw some more of your Wife’s family and spread your disease ridden body around….can’t wait for the truth to come out and expose the fraud that you are….

  37. Johnson

    Is that the same scarf you used to sexually assualt of those innocent women?? You’re such a hyprocrite pig…

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