1. Batman

    The pictures directly before and after this one make total sense now.

  2. Boo

    I like . . .

  3. cc

    Mmmmm, licorice!

  4. See, now you’re just making names up.

  5. Grand Poobah

    beats the hell out of Helen Hunt!

  6. Joe


    doesn’t matter; has nice tits

  7. Surrounded by red knapps, too

  8. The Brown Streak

    Why you ruin all white towels?

  9. Contusion


  10. Pony1

    English WAG, used to be in a cutesie girlband. In “bloke” terms wins points as Jamie her husband is one of the few ex-footballers with intelligent opinions who isn’t a complete fucktard. 38 years old and she’s damn fine for that age.

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