1. please

    Hudgens and shiiiii

  2. BlackAndWhite.Minstrel

    She even let the sun go down on her

  3. We get it, you’re a skank. Stop trying so hard.

  4. LockNLoad

    “Look at me…I’m a whore”

  5. Grand Poobah


  6. lawn

    I think “Rihanna” must be Swahili (or something) for “attention whore.”

  7. CK

    Yup, Coachella and Instagram. All they need is Andy Dick for the Trifecta of Douchiness.

  8. baked

    If that’s not a butt lookin’ for a hump, I don’t know what is…

  9. If Rihanna really wants her photos to look artistic and dated she should just let her bush grow in.

  10. Scully

    Look at me at Coachella Ella ella, eh eh eh

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