1. I’d like to haduken her as well…
    Chun-li that ass
    E. Honda those tittays…

  2. Nick4ca

    I love her 80′s jeans roll-up

  3. This was a cute photo.

  4. Thank god someone has his Kameramera out

  5. PJ Bandit

    First thought was: love this couple, always seem to have fun. Ok… my real first thought was: if I’d kick him in the balls would I have a chance with her later.

  6. If that’s her husband word is he’s a fat slob who hasn’t worked in 3 years and claims to be a house husband.

    which means, soon to be ex. good for her. she deserves better, as do a lot of showbiz women

  7. tlmck

    “Away from me woman! I play for the other team.”

  8. Codot

    Well, that was a fun fad while it lasted.

  9. I know being an out of work has-been is tough, but reenacting Fantastic Four scenes in your backyard is just sad.

  10. man

    Jessica Alba: ”This is how my husband gets me pregnant.”

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