1. JC

    Congratulations to James for bucking traditional gender roles–it’s not just young girls who love ponies.

  2. jep

    Wonder what she has in her saddlebag.

  3. SJP with her son, James. Or as she refers to him, “My little pony.”

  4. “Come on James we got to get to the feed store there having a two for one on hay bales.”

  5. “Mom, why canter I get a new pair of pants?”

    “Whoa! What did you just say?”

  6. capn obvious

    Out with your son with no bra. Very classy.

  7. Hugh G. Rection

    Hey Mom, is it cold out?

  8. jep

    What a cute little colt.

  9. it’s obviously a bit chilly out there, careful girl or you will end up a little ho(a)rse…

  10. “Mom, which way is it to school?”

  11. Flatliner

    Headlights on a horse, now I’ve seen everything.

  12. Just Say Neigh

    “Would a horse have THESE???”

    “Uh…so anyway…about gym class…”

  13. Why the long face?

  14. Odbarc

    She introduces James as “my little pony”

  15. “Mom, Why doesn’t dad ever drive me to school?”
    “Because your father is a lousy driver and I want you to come home alive!”

  16. BlackManUSA

    “Why are you wearing sunglasses if you put your HIGH BEAMS ON, mom? HAHHA!! I’m funny like daddy!!”

  17. Horses have two teats just like human people. you learned some science today.

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