1. This is how you diddle your daughter.

  2. Billy Ray – how many hits did you have?

  3. I don’t give an Achy Breaky Fuck about this guy. I want Miley.

  4. NO Billy Ray FUCK YOU!

  5. capn obvious

    He should thank god every second of every day that someone wants to take his picture…rather than screaming at him to make the fries. Here’s a hint Billy Ray – the fry guy has more tangible skills.

    • You think this dumb redneck is capable of any sort of reasoning beyond a 3rd grade level? No. Pretty hard when, like the entire southern US, your IQ is effectively zero.

  6. …ah …now i see the resemblance.

  7. Hugh Evers

    His 20yr old daughter’s career largely consists of rolling into an ass ball so I understand his anger.

  8. “Wanna a whiff of Miley?”

  9. Spleen

    I thought it was a pussy ball that she rolled up into …

  10. nelle

    You can take the barefoot redneck out of the 7-Eleven. But you can’t take the 7-Eleven out of the barefoot redneck.

  11. Ivan

    Guess it was “2 for 1″ on Mountain Dew that day, ya’ll….
    You haven’t lived, till you’ve tried Scotch and Mountain Dew.

  12. Handsome Matt

    C’mon, can’t a redneck even do some grocery shopping without being harassed by the paparazzi?

  13. Princess Consuela Banana Hammock

    Two trips are for pussies!

  14. I see where Miley gets her class.

  15. tlmck

    Stay classy Billy.

  16. Odbarc

    Flip me off all you want, I walk around with your daughters nudes everywhere I go.

  17. Ronaldo

    such a rebel wanna be……such an asshole.

  18. Andie

    You’re supposed to be the role model, not her. You idiot. What’s next, your tongue poking out the side of your face?

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