1. Cock Dr

    It hurts my eyes but it also hardens me, toughens me up, makes me less likely to react badly when confronted with real life disgusting things.

  2. Did he leave David Furnish in the car?

  3. Don’t call it a Hammbone.

  4. jep

    He should have left his face alone and had a knee lift instead.

  5. Sometimes even Doctor Octopus just wants to run to the store.

  6. capn obvious

    Yeah, that’s a good look.

  7. Johnny Barbells

    …what can we do to get mickey rourke, nick nolte, helena bonham carter, and lori petty all in the same place at the same time, because THAT is a photo i’d cherish forever.

  8. Someone should tell grandpa that is underwear, not workout gear.

  9. Spleen

    Carrot Top?

  10. That old lady has a nice dick.

  11. heywood Jablomie

    Elliot Ghoul meets Mickey Rourke

  12. that needs medical attention.

  13. My first thought when seeing the picture: Elton John is having a bad day.

  14. That new haircut! He is SMOKING… Marlboros.

  15. Handsome Matt

    “I’ve got a play date with Gary Busey, we’re going bike riding”

  16. Vlad

    How touching that he brought a photo of Jerry Lewis from the 1980′s to the plastic surgeon as a reference of how he wanted to look.

  17. I didn’t know Big Ang got a breast reduction.

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