1. Wow, her pimp is bold.

  2. “That’ll be 50 pounds for the ride, Ms. Lohan”
    “You mean I actually have to pay you?”
    “I don’t think it is, and neither does the police”
    “Will a tug and a bj do?”

  3. “As you can see, her teeth are removable for better blowjobs and her tits are still in surprisingly good shape for a junkie. I would suggest you use a condom, good sir. She didn’t get the name “firecrotch” because she’s a redhead.”

  4. jep

    Quick, cancel the bitch’s passport and have the CIA plant evidence that she plans to kill Prince Charles and snog with the queen!

  5. “Just hurry up and swallow it Lindsay, there’s a good girl”

  6. anonymous

    No wonder all her cash is gone. She’s put people on payroll to hold up her sagging chin.

  7. Maria

    Poor Lindsey, her jaw is stuck once again….an unfortunate occupational hazard in her line of work….

  8. cc

    About to expel another one of her enormous viruses again. Did you see the last one? It looked like a stick insect, only more malignant.

  9. It looks like he’s playing with a life-sized PEZ. But you get brick-shaped cum blocks instead of candy.

  10. JESUS, look at her fucking hands! How old is she again?

  11. Phoenix

    “My balls itch.”

  12. ‘Look at dat widdle coke face…’

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