1. Slamma JAMMA that’s a big clamma!!

  2. To the guy in the background: DO IT! Put this douche out of our misery!! Slam him with something heavy! DO IT!!!

  3. “I thought if I just kept stuffing my face he’d leave me alone, but the fucker can’t take a hint.”

  4. I’m shocked Oakley is still in business what with all the publicity this guy gives them.

  5. Here’s a protip from your friendly neighborhood Uncle Phil: If a chef is wearing a chef jacket made of denim and leather, they are posers and should be mocked at every opportunity.

  6. capn obvious

    This moron is wealthy beyond your imagination. Think about that.

    You will never go broke catering to American’s stupidity, laziness, and/or gluttony.

  7. “The special sauce is just semen.”

  8. it had to be said

    “Can you taste the ‘Donkey sauce?’”

  9. “Malicious delicious, right? Wait till you wash it down with some my Donkey Punch! POW!”

  10. cajunhawk

    I own a Hummer…

  11. The look on that guy’s face in the back pretty much sums up my feelings about Guy.

  12. heywood Jablomie

    Mark Cuban shooting death ray eyes @ gay fiero

  13. tito

    “that’s not slaw, it’s my hair plugs.”

  14. “psst, you gotta chew them first!”

  15. Frunken

    People will snort anything.

  16. Nothing turns Guy on more than watching a woman mow down on his famous pulled pork and cabbage sandwich as he gives her the shocker.

  17. Ah, that’s how Nanny Fine keeps her girlish figure. Sudden terror during meals.

  18. “Hey I made that sandwich wearing OJ’s gloves !”

  19. michael rapaport wants his goddamn burger back

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