1. 45 seconds later

    “OK you can stop now”

  2. They don’t have the bulletproof bubble popemobile anymore? Must have sold it pay another round of multi-million dollar settlements.

    *googles remington model 700*

  3. “Sorry, a little too old for me.”

  4. “Smells like…Victory”

  5. “…leave your door unlocked tonight…”

  6. Bonky

    This one, I want this one !

  7. MarketingMike

    Does he always cherry pick like this?
    “Bring me the one with the pink socks…”

  8. Handsome Matt

    SNIIIIIIFFFFFFFFF! “Too ripe, send it back!”

  9. dontkillthemessenger

    Is the camera for the conquest or the evidentiary hearing?

  10. “Tell your bosses that if they want to kill me, they shouldn’t send a boy to do a man’s job!…Throw him away!”

  11. Wow, these daywalkers are getting bold.

  12. BlackManUSA

    “EWWWW!!!! A GIRL!?!??!! You-uh play-a a joke on de Pope. Very funny Motha-fucka!!”

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